University of Iowa/UIHC Furniture Process

To streamline the ordering process for customers at the University of Iowa and UIHC, we have outlined the general steps below.

These processes can change based on current circumstances, but it is a good general guideline to prevent an order from being delayed unnecessarily.

  1. Schedule an appointment with a member of the Tallgrass UI team to initiate the project process.
  2. Work with our design and sales teams to determine the project scope, and discuss your needs and ideas.
  3. Our design team will produce custom floor plans and color renderings of your space. Schedule a meeting to review the presented information and make changes as necessary.
  4. Final drawings must be approved by the customer, Tallgrass will then generate a quote.
  5. Once you have approved the quote, Tallgrass will assist you with requesting the appropriate purchasing method. If additional approval from your department is required, please seek it at this time. Your order cannot go forward until this step is completed.
  6. You should coordinate all traditional trades (flooring, electrical, network, etc.) or any other work needed to prepare your space at this time. Make sure any existing furniture is removed prior to installation of new products.
  7. Notify your staff of the project and coordinate temporary work spaces if necessary. Please notify the Tallgrass team of any potential scheduling delays.
  8. Upon Tallgrass receiving your product, an email is sent from our team to you to arrange install date and time, and cover any miscellaneous details. Installation is completed by our install team.
  9. Final walk-through is completed by you with our Corporate Facilities Director. Project is invoiced to appropriate parties.
Senior Interior Designer

Christa White

Product/Design Resource Consultant

Jenny Bimson

Corporate Facilities Director

Joel Yoder

Interiors Consultant

Kelly Tyrrel

Interior Designer

Natalie Dieters

Order Processing Manager

Tony Hernandez

Director of Furniture Sales

Tom Vander Vaart