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Conservation and sustainability encompass a fundamental belief in helping to make a better world. Those of us at Tallgrass Business Resources believe that a better world will come as the result of our careful consideration of how we can improve social conditions, create economic opportunity for others and ourselves, and live and work within our environment’s capacity to regenerate.

Some examples of how sustainability plays out in our real business world:

Easy return policy reduces waste: If you don’t need a product, return it for credit. Once back on our shelf, the item will then be available (without further manufacturing impact) for us to send to another user. This simple action will reduce the product’s footprint by half; good for the earth and your bottom line.

Choose quality over economy: By buying a higher quality item, whether it is a paper punch or an office chair, you lessen the long term impact on the environment. Both good and poor quality products have the same environmental impact during the manufacturing process, but the better quality products will not only last longer but be more enjoyable to use. By choosing something that lasts 3 times as long as a budget item, you have reduced the environmental footprint by two-thirds. Reducing waste yields long term benefits.

The companies that founded Tallgrass Business Resources – Frohwein/Matthews Office Plus and Pioneer Workspace Solutions – had a long history of being environmentally conscious. In 1992, the Iowa City Area Chamber awarded Frohwein a “Certificate of Commendation for Innovative Business Practices in Solid Waste Management” for our policy of picking up cardboard from our customers and recycling it with our own. This involved our collecting, crushing and baling several tons of cardboard. Tallgrass Business Resources continues to expand that policy with our customers to include white paper and toner cartridges.

Other steps we have taken to sustainability:

  1. We reuse. Example; shipping cartons. By simply reusing shipping cartons we receive from our suppliers, we have eliminated the need to purchase hundreds of cartons a week. This simple move saves countless trees, water, power and transportation costs (and overhead).
  2. We recycle. Example; warehouse supplies. Tallgrass Business Resources recycles all cardboard, shipping pallets, and other related warehouse materials. We collect Styrofoam packing peanuts and reuse them and encourage our shippers to use more ecologically minded starch peanuts instead. Reusing is better than recycling.
  3. We buy as locally as possible. By reducing the distance our supplies have to travel to our warehouse, we are saving on transportation energy and pollution every day. Add that to the logic of supporting a local business whose money turns over more often than remote suppliers and the choice would seem to be very clear.
  4. We burn less fuel and electricity. We replaced several hundred banks of 4 ft. and 8 ft. florescent lights and replaced them with high efficiency bulbs and ballasts. Not only did it reduce our power usage by 20%, but will reduce our usage of A/C by not generating so much heat from the old-style ballasts.
  5. Other steps to reduce carbon footprint: Keeping our delivery trucks tuned and running efficiently, planning our daily deliveries to reduce inefficient return trips and back-tracking, utilizing local delivery companies for outlying area customers, cutting back to five day workweeks eliminating the need for extra power usage on low customer traffic days, timers on outside and inside security lights and turning off all computers and non-critical electronics at the end of every day.

Our commitment to sustainability recognizes that all business activities are derived from, take place, and directly or indirectly impact our natural environment. We believe that sustainability and business success are not only compatible but are inextricably linked, and that by embracing both we benefit our company and our environment for the long term.