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Title Sales Representative – Promotional Products
Location Coralville
Department Supplies
Job Information

This position consists of calling on present and prospective commercial business entities for the purpose of determining their business needs, and persuading them to purchase their office supply product requirements from Tallgrass Business Resources.


1. Management of a program between Tallgrass Business Resources and each account designed to inform the account of the products and processes available through Tallgrass.

2. Ongoing communication and relationship building to meet the sales and profit objectives set by the sales representative and Tallgrass Business Resources.

3. Professional presentations to clients and prospective clients that:

  • Present Tallgrass’s policies, services and personnel positively,
  • Create a climate of confidence in services and personnel
  • Enable a close and continuing contact with decision makers.

To continue to expand his/her level of competence, the representative will participate in ongoing opportunities in training and personal development, as well as assisting as a trainer/mentor with other company personnel.


Reports to the Office Supply Sales Manager and Chief Operating Officer.  Interfaces with all staff.


The Account Representative will be responsible for:

1.       Becoming knowledgeable about and responsive to the business firms assigned to him/her.

2.       Being efficient in itinerary planning for time utilization.

3.       Making sufficient calls to provide a continuous flow of orders to meet or exceed sales and gross profit goals.

4.       Identification of prospective customer firms.

5.       Identification of appropriate management buying influences within these firms.

6.       Contacting and securing appointments with identified management and buying influences.

7.       Timely follow-up of assigned leads.

8.       Entering call and account activity information in designated software daily.

9.       Convincingly presenting all facets of dealership services.

10.    Setting client meetings and account reviews.

11.    Preparing profitable, persuasive written proposals.

12.    Being aware of and following Tallgrass’s policies concerning minimum gross profit margins.

13.    Tactfully gather and promptly submitting credit information when opening a new account

14.    Maintenance of accurate customer and prospect information records:  Account Profile, Activity reporting, scheduled calls, etc.

15.    Prompt submittal of all reports.

16.    Prompt referral of any furniture or design leads to appropriate company personnel.

17.    Participating as an effective member of seminar presentation teams and other programs.

18.    Observing all Tallgrass employee policies and procedures.


All aspects of the Office Supplies Account Representative position must be performed within the Tallgrassemployee policy and procedure guidelines.  The employee is to maintain a high standard of ethics, professionalism, fairness and service to our clients while protecting Tallgrass’s need for confidentiality of all company information.


College degree preferred
Business courses desired


Activities that demonstrate ease in meeting with people in all positions, addressing groups, and selling services or products.  Experience that demonstrates personal responsibility and productive use of time.  Competitive experience preferred.  Involvement in team effort activity.


Knowledge of and comfort with figures.  Addressing groups comfortably and productively.  Sales effectiveness.  Ability to manage time.  Competence in verbal and written communications.



Positive self image.
Independent and aggressive: make things happen.
Willingness to learn, study and expand experience.
Persistent and competitive with self.
Ability to accept rejection without diminishing effort.
Good social manner.
Flexible to try new things: cope with change, new methods, products and people.
Organized and disciplined.
Responsible with details.
Integrity: honest, dependable, sincere.



Respectful of people as they are:  non-critical.


Community minded.

Supportive of co-workers: appreciation of strengths and contributions, patient with weaknesses.

Maintain professional separation of personal and business matters during work hours.

Open to working in creative team efforts.


Presents self favorably, has good business image, dress, hygiene and personal habits.


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