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Interior Design

At Tallgrass Business Resources, it’s all about your needs.

Our professionals take the time to understand your workplace wants and needs, in addition to the aesthetic features that enhance your surroundings.

The result is a synergistic blend of form and function that promotes employee productivity and well-being.

From start to finish, our professional Designers ensure that your interiors not only look good, but also take the tough day-to-day demands of your workplace. Interiors products help create just the look and feel you want for your office.

Carpet, wall-covering, paint color, window treatments, ceiling applications, noise control and sound masking all combine to complete your office environment.

Capabilities & Services

  • Interior Planning
  • Space Needs Analysis
  • Code Compliance
  • Wall Placement
  • Power/Voice/Data Locations
  • Interior Finish Selections
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans

Interiors Team

Christa White
Senior Interior Designer
Danie Pearson
Design Coordinator
Diane Ocasio
Design Team Director
Emma Dickman
Interior Designer
Jenny Bimson
Product/Design Resource Consultant
Natalie Dieters
Interior Designer